February 2010 |

ISATIS 01 development comes in a timely manner.

· The new fuselage and aerofoil and mobile parts moulds have been made
· Production and GPAO processes are fully defined in order to assure a mass production guaranteeing conformity to the reference model and strict traceability
· GMP, flight controls new cinematic and inside-cabin fittings were assembled and tested and are ready to be set up within final cell

Production goes on as per our schedule:

· Construction of the first three standard aircrafts begun
· Production aircraft validation and flying tests will be performed during spring 2010
· Flights with clients will start on summer 2010

September 2009 |

The ISATIS 01 qualities, in respect of innovating transmission, flying performance and outstanding visibility have been confirmed.
Aérojames partners are currently dedicated to the aircraft development, aiming at technically and economically optimal construction solutions.
Our target is to convert first years Isatis into the come-to-maturity Isatis, keeping its unmatched scope of visibility among all tractive-propeller aircrafts. This unique quality will come together with:

· A smoother-shaped fuselage
· A choice among several engines
· A semi-trapezoidal wing without shrouds giving a profile fitted to higher speeds.
· Flaps with chord-increase effect allowing high efficiency when flying at low speed
· A one-piece horizontal stabilizer
· A carefully designed soundproof cabin
· Ergonomic and comfortable seats
· An enlarged instrument panel in order to include "glass cockpit" instruments
· A finishing-off up to the quality of race gliders

April 2009 |

From April 2nd to 5th 2009, at the Aero Friedrichshafen international exhibition, Aérojames presented the ISATIS 01 standard version.